Association Ségou-Breizh


Founded in La Roche-Maurice in June 2002 at the initiative of Rochois inhabitants having
taught classes in Ségou 47 years ago, this young Association already counts 128 members.

Undenominational and non-political, its goal is to help in the development of community
projects, allowing Malians, and in particular those of the villages of Garo-Minankofa and
Sirakoro in the IV region of SEGOU, to be the actors in their own development, notably in the
fields of production, education, health and water.

In their project, the Christian Bambaras farmers in Minankofa have founded a joint
association, called "Sini Niesigui Ton", with their Moslem neighbours in Bozo de Garo.

Last November, Ségou-Breizh committee members created a Health Section to help in
continuing a project in Bamako, launched single-handedly 10 years ago by a surgeon from

ACTIONS by the Association :

- Sinking of a well in Minankofa-Garo to allow year-round market-gardening
- Sinking of a well in Sirakoro should normally be started this year
- Construction of a two classroom school in Minankofa should be started in 2003
- Several Health missions to Bamako have already been carried out in 2002 and early
January 2003 by volunteers at their own cost
- Quantities of medicine and medical equipment have been collected and shipped to
- A container destined for all actions is presently in hand under the responsibility and
free-of-charge care of 5 students in logistics at the St. Nazaire Institute of Technology

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